Friday, June 30, 2017

Writing and Reading Workshop Classroom Management Considerations

This summer I have had the privilege of working with a number of educators who are preparing to implement either a reading or writing workshop next fall.  After discussing the structures and components of a workshop model, many begin considering the management tactics and considerations necessary to support student engagement and foster student independence.  Below are some of the considerations to support strong management within a workshop model.  I believe that the management norms in place should:
  • Support students understanding the predictable nature of a workshop
  • Foster student agency and independence in their work
  • Emphasize that all students feel safe to take risks within the learning community

MIni Lesson
Bringing your class together for the mini lesson
  • Teaching and practicing transitions
  • What materials are needed?
    • Mentor Texts
    • Anchor Chart
    • Demonstration notebook
Establishing long-term partnerships, research teams, and clubs
  • Consistent spots during the mini lesson
  • Practice and model how to turn and talk

Independent Reading or Writing Time
Sending students off to work: The transition from mini lesson to work time
  • Teaching students how to transition from ML to work time
  • Giving strategies as to how to get themselves reading or writing
  • Assigned reading or writing spots
  • Goal Setting Techniques
  • Teaching and modeling how students can rely on one another for support (use of partnerships)
  • Use table conferences and strategy lessons to support productivity of the class
  • Leveraging your link portion of the mini lesson so students goal set and have a plan of action
  • Pausing students during the mid-workshop interruption to help refocus or offer new inspiration
  • Teach and support reading and writing stamina

I would love to hear your tips for classroom management in a Reading or Writing Workshop!  Please add to the comments.

Resources: Calkins: A Guide to the Common Core Reading Workshop

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